Weekend Writing Prompt

This morning I rode my bike into work for the first time. I've been a slave to the car culture for as long as I can remember and in a sudden fit to get healthy (and to reduce the damage done by too many pies) I've decided to start doing something that requires more energy... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my father's 66th Birthday. I've been living in the UK for 10 years now and I have missed the last decade's worth of birthdays. I'm going home in 9 days and I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to give him. People have offered up suggestions that have ranged from... Continue Reading →

THE FLOP – A Short Story

  As he pulled on his belt, it did not slide away from the loops of his trousers with the ease and finesse that he had hoped. The black leather belt was slightly too wide for the loops, put up a fight and threatened to bring the material with it on the way out.   Stephen... Continue Reading →

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR – 888 words

 I could tell Tiffany was upset about something when I found her on the swing set in the back garden. She’d come over sometimes, never unannounced, with her hair held back in the restrictive bands of floral patterns that her mother Angela made her wear. With Susie and Jim now grown up and moved away,... Continue Reading →

DESIRE – 300 words

  She sat and stared. For weeks she had looked out the window of the office where she worked towards the shop across the road and admired the object of her desire. Everyday he sat, near the front counter with an indescribable sweetness to the contours of his shape.   With the warm arrival of spring, his... Continue Reading →

War Games – 55 words

As the evening wore on, the boy grew more and more frustrated."We're like two opposing armies." he said. "You keep putting up boundaries and fortifying your position." The girl pushed his hand away from under her skirt. "I think we can find a diplomatic solution." she said, as she bent down towards his lap.

Mom and Grace – A Memoir

It started at around 2am. I had already been asleep for several hours when she came into my room to wake me. Tugging gently at my warm wool blanket, she bounced lightly on the bed while I struggled to understand what she was saying. No matter how often it happened, I was always startled. My... Continue Reading →

Competition – 55 words

He looked at the girl running near him, her hair, tied back bouncing behind her. She quickened her pace. He quickened his. She pushed herself harder, he kept up; a girl could not outrun him. Later, in the ER they told him to be sure to tighten his laces next time he tried the treadmill.

About Barney

 “Are you going to tell her or do you want me to?” He asked.James sighed as his wife looked mournfully at the dead bird in its cage.  “I’ll tell her”, she said. “I know how to handle these things.”  “What will you say?” James asked. “I’ll tell her the truth.” Hannah said.  James sat on the... Continue Reading →

The White Cliffs – 162 words

 My feet nestle against the edge and there is nothing but the sound of the sea, the waves lashing out, chipping away the chalk walls, and my heart beating hard in my chest. I breathe deep, taking in the cool night air. My tongue laps up the salt from my lips and I feel alive.... Continue Reading →

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