Weekend Writing Prompt

This morning I rode my bike into work for the first time. I’ve been a slave to the car culture for as long as I can remember and in a sudden fit to get healthy (and to reduce the damage done by too many pies) I’ve decided to start doing something that requires more energy than lifting a pint.

On my way in, having put bum to saddle for the first time since the removal of my stablisers, I managed to do two things:

1. Tear a strip off my favourite baggy jeans (if they didn’t already have half a dozen holes in them, I might have been upset)

2. Take in the scenery of Edinburgh on a bright Friday morning.

I saw all manner of people bustling around, from city workers, to parents and children, dog walkers, joggers and of course, fellow cyclists. I was a cyclist!

Anyway, your writing prompt for this weekend is: “On my way in to work this morning”.

Try to keep it to under 1000 words and see where the new route takes you.

Happy writing.

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