Weekend Writing Prompt

This morning I rode my bike into work for the first time. I’ve been a slave to the car culture for as long as I can remember and in a sudden fit to get healthy (and to reduce the damage done by too many pies) I’ve decided to start doing something that requires more energy than lifting a pint.

On my way in, having put bum to saddle for the first time since the removal of my stablisers, I managed to do two things:

1. Tear a strip off my favourite baggy jeans (if they didn’t already have half a dozen holes in them, I might have been upset)

2. Take in the scenery of Edinburgh on a bright Friday morning.

I saw all manner of people bustling around, from city workers, to parents and children, dog walkers, joggers and of course, fellow cyclists. I was a cyclist!

Anyway, your writing prompt for this weekend is: “On my way in to work this morning”.

Try to keep it to under 1000 words and see where the new route takes you.

Happy writing.

One thought on “Weekend Writing Prompt

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  1. Ok … well my typical ride to work involves, Extreme Commuting … its the way to go ! Get on your bike, leave as late as possible and try to make it to work on time… This generally involves numerous close encounters with cars, buses and of course the lovely white van men/women. So your on your bike, your flying down the hill, somewhere along the lines this has turned into a race with other cyclists now joining in the extreme commute event. Its a great sport and it happens on a daily basis. What else can you ask for ?

    Extreme Commuting Rules:
    1. You must be on a push bike, not a motorbike ! (thats cheating!)
    2. You must stop at all red lights (Yes including pedestrian crossings)
    3. You must not mount the pavement, unless theres a specific cycle path there.
    4. Try not to piss off the cars, buses, vans etc .. they’re still a hell of a lot bigger than you !
    5. Ride like hell
    6. ENJOY !

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