Sharing a poem

I was flipping through a book of poems and came upon one I read over fifteen years ago. It was one of the loveliest poems I'd ever read and I was glad to find that it still had some effect on me after so many years of cynicism. Music When Soft Voices Die  Music, when... Continue Reading →

Larger Than You Think – 55 words

My arms are exhausted and I’m running out of air. I can hear shouts coming from the sandy shore and I’m cold. I feel blood pouring from the wound. My eyes are heavy, and I remember someone telling me the size of the shark population at Stenson Beach. “What are the odds?” I had replied.... Continue Reading →

Night Vision- 100 words

As I looked out into the neighbouring block of flats, I saw a solitary light. In the dark, the reflection in the window glass showed a clock about to strike twelve. There was movement. I hid behind the curtain and peeked out. He should shut the refrigerator door, I thought, then he'd be invisible, but... Continue Reading →

breaking and entering

Last night I was ripped from my sleep by the sound of our door buzzer. It was 12am and my flatmates and I had all gone to bed. The buzzer went again, then the one next door, until I was sure the person outside had pressed the buzzer for every one in the building. I... Continue Reading →

Maybe later, the cat needs feeding

I woke up this morning and sat at the computer and thought, 'not right now, I have laundry to do.' How many times have we tried to make excuses to not write? I think that most of us, at one time or another think of 101 things that we "absolutely have to get done" rather... Continue Reading →

Monday Writing Prompt

It's 1pm in the afternoon in California. It's a baking 90 degrees and the air is still. I'm visiting my home town out near the Palm Springs desert and I wonder how I could have ever tolerated the heat. I've been living in the UK for the past ten years and every time I come... Continue Reading →

Weekend Writing Prompt

It's Friday and last night the company had its monthly meeting. Once business is covered, we inevitably end up in the pub for a few hours. In this case, only a couple of us were left standing at last call. The thundering headache that woke me this morning and the punch in the stomach feeling I... Continue Reading →

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