Writing Prompt – Trouble Sleeping

It’s 2am PST. I should be asleep, but the heat and a sudden anxiety I cannot account for has me up and at the computer. I’d like to blame jetlag, but sleep has been evasive too often for all of the blame to be laid at its door.

Out in the desert, there are no city lights, there’s no sound. When I awake in the dead calm of night, the only thing I hear is the sudden rush of my heart and the thoughts in my head.

I wade through YouTube for something to entertain me. I check my mail for a familiar name, eager to connect with someone at this unforgiving hour, but there is no sign of life and I’m reminded that insomnia is a solitary thing.

It is as though every thought and worry I bury in the light of day has surfaced in the night and at this moment I fear I will never sleep again.

Tonight’s Prompt: Trouble Sleeping

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