Maybe later, the cat needs feeding

I woke up this morning and sat at the computer and thought, ‘not right now, I have laundry to do.’ How many times have we tried to make excuses to not write? I think that most of us, at one time or another think of 101 things that we “absolutely have to get done” rather than write.

Sometimes, I’ll say to myself, I’ll write after I’ve fed the cat. Once that is done, I remember that I haven’t had breakfast, so suddenly, I’m starving. I think, I’ll write better once I have something in my stomach. As the list of excuses piles up, the day flies by and eventually, the thought of writing is gone until another day.

Maintaining self discipline when writing is one of the hardest things a writer needs to do to become truly proficient. Sticking with it regardless of mood or other things to do is tough, but necessary for the development of craft. So…

Today’s Prompt: Excuses

Have fun.

2 thoughts on “Maybe later, the cat needs feeding

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  1. I’ve got lots of excuses. Or, maybe just two. The daughters. They need Cheerios, they need socks because it’s getting cold outside, they need me to help them find their lost stuffed animals. So we overturn the entire house looking for kitty cats and panda bears only to realize they were tangled up in bed sheets. And yes, I have to make the beds, too.

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