Sharing a poem

I was flipping through a book of poems and came upon one I read over fifteen years ago. It was one of the loveliest poems I’d ever read and I was glad to find that it still had some effect on me after so many years of cynicism.

Music When Soft Voices Die 

Music, when soft voices die,

Vibrates in the memory —

Odours, when sweet violets sicken, Live within the sense they quicken.

Rose leaves, when the rose is dead,

Are heap’d for the beloved’s bed;

And so thy thoughts when thou are gone,

Love itself shall slumber on.

~ Percy Bysshe Shelley

Larger Than You Think – 55 words

My arms are exhausted and I’m running out of air. I can hear shouts coming from the sandy shore and I’m cold. I feel blood pouring from the wound. My eyes are heavy, and I remember someone telling me the size of the shark population at Stenson Beach. “What are the odds?” I had replied.

– Eliza Dashwood

Night Vision- 100 words

Woman with binoculars

As I looked out into the neighbouring block of flats, I saw a solitary light.

In the dark, the reflection in the window glass showed a clock about to strike twelve. There was movement. I hid behind the curtain and peeked out.

He should shut the refrigerator door, I thought, then he’d be invisible, but as it is, I can see he’s naked, his binoculars fixed on my window.

I wondered what to do. It came to me. I untied the knot in my dressing gown and as I lifted my opera glasses to my eyes, turned on the light.

– Eliza Dashwood

breaking and entering

Last night I was ripped from my sleep by the sound of our door buzzer. It was 12am and my flatmates and I had all gone to bed. The buzzer went again, then the one next door, until I was sure the person outside had pressed the buzzer for every one in the building. I heard someone go down the stairs to our door and sensing that the matter was in hand, I tried to fall back to sleep.

As it turns out, my flatmate caught someone trying to break into the ground floor flat. glass had been shattered and the police were called. As it turns out, a girl who once lived there was drunk, disturbed, confused and trying to get back into the flat she had once lived in before she was chucked out a few months before.

Over the next hour, he had to give a statement and all was quiet again by around 2am.

So, what would you do in that situation?

Today’s Prompt: Breaking and Entering

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