breaking and entering

Last night I was ripped from my sleep by the sound of our door buzzer. It was 12am and my flatmates and I had all gone to bed. The buzzer went again, then the one next door, until I was sure the person outside had pressed the buzzer for every one in the building. I heard someone go down the stairs to our door and sensing that the matter was in hand, I tried to fall back to sleep.

As it turns out, my flatmate caught someone trying to break into the ground floor flat. glass had been shattered and the police were called. As it turns out, a girl who once lived there was drunk, disturbed, confused and trying to get back into the flat she had once lived in before she was chucked out a few months before.

Over the next hour, he had to give a statement and all was quiet again by around 2am.

So, what would you do in that situation?

Today’s Prompt: Breaking and Entering

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