Staring at the Sun

There is a point in the sky between the sun and the horizon where it’s safe to look. If you draw your eyes from the ground slowly little by little towards the sun, it’s safe, until suddenly, it isn’t.

Some people are the same. When you look at them out of the corner of your eye, you gain an overall impression, but their blemishes remain unnoticed. It’s only after to look for a long time, straight ahead that the flaws emerge. Inevitably this happens to us all.

I’ve had some people in my peripheral vision for some time now and I’ve only just begun to lift the shades and take in all of the details. I still maintain the warmth I had before, but now I’m seeing the whole picture, warts and all. I guess I just have to ask myself, can I keep looking and risk the burn or do I turn away from anything the isn’t perfect? I guess if I do, I’m in for a lonely ride.

Today’s Prompt: Look Closer

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