What a waste…

I’ve been cleaning my office this morning in an attempt to regain some sort of control over my life. I feel calmer and more focussed when I throw away clutter and I’ve filled a black bin liner with all of the notes, files and documents that I always said I’d get to reading sooner or later. It’s like having a huge wardore full of “nothing to wear”. I’m pulling out everything I don’t use on a regular basis and putting it on the biggest ebay clearout you’ve ever seen. I just feel like making my life as simple as possible and this is step 1, orgainsation. Step two is using everything in my kitchen cupboards and not going to Tesco’s until every last bit of food in there is used up. When I think of the amount of money I spend on things I don’t use or need, I get angry with myself. Does anyone really need 40 pairs of shoes? Do I really need three wardrobes and a kitchen full of condiments? NO!

So, today’s prompt: Keeping it simple

If you had to cut out all of things that weren’t working in you life, would anything be left?

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