the great escape…

Have you ever felt like breaking out, packing a bag and running away? Most people at one time of another feel like doing this, rarely does anyone do it. Well, I’ve decided to light out for the territory. I’m going to be 34 next week. I’m giving myself 1 year and 1 week to leave home, ditch my job, stash some cash, rent a house in the Highlands (there’s a place in Torlundy that’s perfect) and write a book. If I don’t manage a completed novel in that time, I will take up the best challenge that anyone offers (the more humiliating the better) and will post it on YouTube.


One thought on “the great escape…

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  1. Go for it!

    And I think that your subsequent post about knowing yourself and trusting your instincts (the one about the parenting prospect) bodes well for you on your mission. Striking out on your own and veering away from society’s expectations leaves little room for error. Good luck.

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