Why, oh why are people so inconsiderate?

As I stepped out of my car last night and walked towards my building, I nearly fell over on what turned out to be an abandoned mattress right outside my front door. The sodden mattress and a chair with a cushion missing were left right on the step of my building, making it difficult to walk through and get to the door. According to my flatmate, the neighbours downstairs ditched the items by the rubbish bins the other day, were told to move them and after a few complaints to the property managers from other tenants, decided to move them to where they would cause the most bother. From what we can make out, the offending neighbours went on holiday on the 5th and the mattress has been there since.

So, why do people behave that way? All it takes is a phone-call to the council and it would be collected. I know that one of the other people in the building could handle this, but why should we? It’s not our rubbish and it’s irresponsible for people to assume that other people will clean up their mess…

I have a feeling that in the interest of clearing the walkway and making it safe, my flatmates and I will probably do something about getting it moved, but I resent it and every other case where people dump their trash on other people’s property or on the side of the road.

My first instinct was to torch the thing, but on reflection, I realised that it may not be the move in keeping with my desire to make the block of flats a safer place. 🙂

So, my question is, what is it that makes some people think that this sort of behaviour is ok?

Today’s Prompt: I can’t believe they did that….

Think about something that gave you a jolt and tell us all about it.

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