Reading List Update/Book Reviews

Ok, I’ve done it again. I read something that was not on the list. To be fair, however, I have completed something on the list, so hopefully, I’ll be forgiven.

On the list: “The Land Girls” by Angela Huth. This was a beautifully written story about three girls that go to work on a farm during WWII as part of the war effort in England. It’s about how different backgrounds, personalities and values can co-exist in the midst of such turbulent, uncertain times. As the story of these three women unfolds, we come to see how their friendship survives over the years based on their time together. It’s wonderfully descriptive and whereas there are some books that deal with this subject that use peripheral characters as a way to drive the story forward, there is no one surplus to requirements in this novel. Even the pathetic and unlikeable character have a place here and the reader can take an interest in what they are about to do next, rather than thumb through in hope that a main character will reappear soon.

 Although this is primarily a story about friendship and family relationships, there are several love stories interwoven into the plot. Although they do not in themselves convert this work into a romance, they serve to remind the reader of the frailty of such relationships during wartime.

 In all, this was a lovely work. Highly recommended. By the way, they’ve made it into a film with Catherine McCormick, Anna Friel, Rachel Weiss, and Stephen McIntosh

Not on the list: “Rape – A Love Story” Joyce Carol Oates

This was brilliant, but there are some part of the subject matter that made for uncomfortable reading. Just the same, if you have a couple of hours to spare on this short work, it’s well worth the effort.  (More in-depth review to follow)

 Happy reading. (3 down, 49 to go)

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