Writing Prompt: Exit Strategy

I was on a plane heading home when we hit some rather worrying turbulence. People clutched the arms of the seats, there was a bit of whimpering and the “fasten seat belt” sign was definitely on. As we teetered from side to side and on occasion, down and then a stomach-churning “up”, it made me think of the ultimate “what if?”.

What if that was it? What if I managed to have my last conversation with, well, everyone I knew without even knowing it?

Pick someone. If you knew that was the last time you were going to speak to them, what would you say if you only had 10 minutes? If it’s an enemy, would you use your time to forgive and forget, or would you hit them with everything that has ever bugged you about them since the moment they took that first misguided breath in your direction? If it’s a friend, would you reveal a secret, pass on something special (I’d give my friend Sam my book collection), or just have a laugh?

Remember, in this scenario there are no consequences that you have to face once you’ve had your say, so what would it be?

Today’s Prompt: Exit Strategy

Write a scene with some dialogue, describe the situation and the relationship and see what comes out.

Writing Prompt: Things you say when you think no one is listening

This may sound mad, but have you ever wondered what it would be like if the walls really did have ears? Imagine the sort of conversations that take place in locations where people think they’re alone in public. For instance, what about the things we say or do in the lift, in a pub when the music is really loud, in the doctor’s office, etc. Try writing a piece of dialogue where someone says something they think is private and make it public, what are the consequences? Have a conversation in the pub with the DJ spinning, then suddenly turn down the volume.

Today’s Prompt: Out in the open

Have fun saying something private or controversial.  

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