Writing Prompt: Watching the paint dry

Have you ever been in a situation where you were so bored you contemplated doing something outrageous just to break the monotony? Have you ever sat in a boring meeting playing bullshit bingo (a game where you tick a box on your notepad every time someone uses industry jargon, e.g no-brainer, team-player, touch-base, setting our stall out, etc)? Have you ever sat in a waiting room at the doctor’s office or dentist, been stuck on a crowded train between stations without a book, newspaper or headphones, or been at a family gathering listening to the various, if increasingly exotic, non-fatal ailments of older relatives?

There are some moments in life when we just want to do something shocking to remind ourselves and those around us that we have a pulse, life was not meant to be spent in these tedious ways. Put yourself or a character in a B-O-R-I-N-G situation and find a unique way to get them out of it. Make those around you or your character react, what are the consequences? Have fun, that’s what life’s all about.

Today’s Prompt: Watching the paint dry

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