Quote for the day

If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write something worth reading or do things worth the writing.

 -Benjamin Franklin

Writing Prompt: Gender Bender

Have you ever had an argument with a member of the opposite sex and thought to yourself, “if he/she were a woman/man, they’d understand”? I know I’ve often thought during a discussion with hubby that I may be overreacting due to some hormonal imbalance and then thought, that my point of view would be clear as day if he were a girl. “It’s a girl thing.”,  I’ve often said when he looks at me like I’m from outer-space. Sometimes I think I’d like to understand the ability to watch sport for hours on end, get the appeal of strip clubs and be able to go into a shop, find what I want in ten minutes and go directly home without a moment’s thought to anything but what sport might be on TV later….

Just for a laugh, have a dialogue with someone.  Try to write a scene from the other side and see what happens. For instance, have a guy say something like, “buy they’re great shoes. They go with everything. You can never have too many shoes.” How weird does that feel?

I apologies in advance if anyone is offended by my sweeping stereotypes, but these don’t just turn up out of nowhere. Just have a giggle. ..

Today’s Prompt: Gender Bender

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