Writing Prompt: Show me everything…

So, we’ve covered some elements of point of view, scene and dialogue to get a view of a character, now lets go another  way and focus on setting description. Although cutting to action is a good way to keep a reader’s attention, a helpful tool in slowing down the narrative and setting pace is through description of setting. It is a way of illustrating and setting scene for where your characters are going to interact and can influence their actions and hence, the story. For instance, dropping your character into a darkly lit street with rubbish littering the ground and a broken streetlight on the corner sets a certain mood. It is immediately sinister and if you’re character belongs there, what are they doing and what kind of person are they? If they don’t we might begin to wonder what they’re doing there and if they’re going to run into trouble.

 Try writing a place. Give it texture, remember light, time of day, weather, indoors or outdoors…above all provide detail and create an environment for your characters to interact. Drop in items which could be props. What is that used cutting board and dirty knife doing on the table? Try describing your place in 500 words.

Writing Prompt: Show me everything

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