Writing Prompt: I remember…

Writing a memoir is probably more difficult than you think, but it is a subject that each of us can try. After all, who else knows more about your memories and the perception of the events in your life better than you do?

I can remember quite clearly the first day I understood that my older brother was going to school without me. I was 3 years old and he was a precocious six. We sat on the step outside the kitchen door after Mom had made breakfast and I was in tears. It was the first of many times to come that he would go off and I would comprehend that I would have to stay behind.

As I sat there frustrated, he put his arm around me and tried to comfort me. I had not yet grasped that the difference in our ages would come between us again and again, but the world of knowledge he was entering into would only be denied me until my fourth birthday came around in October. It was not just that he was leaving me for the day, but even then I knew that he was being granted something, a new experience and exposure to other children that I was not.

I tried to dry my tears, to not be a baby. Even then, I wanted to impress him.

When I think now at the encouragement he offered, I can appreciate what wisdom came with his words and the maturity that carried them. It was a sign of his character to come.

“When you’re my age, you’ll wish you could stay home and play all day. School’s not that great.”

Oh big brother, had I only listened, I would have appreciated Bert and Ernie and Kermit the Frog much longer.

Writing Prompt: I remember…

Pick a single moment in your past that meant something special to you and tell us about it. Usual rules apply, 500 words and see what you can remember.

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