Writing Prompt: Make senses make sense

Probably one of the least used tools in character and scene development is the use of senses. Although action and what we see and feel is important we sometimes overlook the other senses. How does smell, taste and touch affect a character and how do these sensations change our perception?

For example, I was checking out a handsome guy at a party. The music was up, the room was heaving with bodies and everyone was dancing in the middle of the room to some ill-chosen 80’s music. A friend came up to me and offered to introduce me to the Adonis-like creature at the other end of the room. I eagerly accepted. Once we shook hands, I had to get up really close to him to have a conversation over the noise. Then, it hit me, the scent of stale cigarettes thinly-veiled the waft of what had to be a garlic infused pizza from his dinner. I took a step back, then another. My body language must have told him something, because after a few minutes, he excused himself to go have a ciggie outside. I declined in joining him…

Another example, I was once wandering around a dodgy neighbourhood in London in the early hours. Most of the shops were still shut on this Sunday morning. I had been at a film all-nighter and was heading back from Waterloo Station. As I saw a group of guys hanging about, obviously still out and still drunk from the night before, I dug my hands in my pockets and walked faster.  When I reached the end of the street a wonderful smell hit me. A bakery was putting out fresh rolls in the front window and my stomach began to rumble. The shop keeper opened the door and as I walked in, the heavenly scent of sweet and sticky chocolate donuts filled my nostrils and I was instantly at ease. I ordered coffee, a croissant and a chocolate donut. Two scones infested with sultanas made their way into a carrier back with a little pot of strawberry jam for later. All was well with the world, I was a peace…

Writing Prompt: Make Senses Make Sense

Try writing a scene where the emphasis is the description of one of the five senses, if possible, go for one of the less usual ones in writing like taste or smell or sound. How do these sensations affect scene or character? Have fun, usual 500 words for starters and let your senses guide you. (corny, I know, but I haven’t had my coffee and donut today)

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