Writing Prompt: The eyes have it…

It’s funny, when I speak to people the first thing that strikes me is their eyes. From taking a good look, I’m usually able to gather a pretty accurate picture of their character. Sometimes I ignore my instincts and it has only ever caused me grief when I went with what was said rather what their eyes told me.

I’ve seen so many things; grace, honesty, beauty, treachery, friendship, fear, love, curiosity, distaste, among others, all hiding just beneath the surface. Recently I was talking with someone and during the course of conversation, I cracked a horrible joke. Although I seriously bombed, there was something charming in the recipient’s reaction. There was a shake of the head, as if appalled by my poor taste in cheesy jokes, but the eyes told me it wasn’t so horrible.

The exchange was the exact opposite of an experience I had a few months ago in the pub. I was mingling with the group and watched a conversation between two people taking place. As they spoke, there was something flat, disinterested in the eyes of the person listening to the other speak. Despite the obviousness to me, there seemed to be a lack of comprehension in the person speaking. Had she looked up into his face instead to staring over his shoulder or into her wine glass, she would have changed the subject or paused long enough to let him get a word in…

They say that body language is important, but nothing tells a clearer story more quickly than the look in someones eyes.

Try this, write a short paragraph describing someones eyes. Shape, colour, expression. Then, go deeper, give them emotion, make them react. What do they see, how do they respond to either what they are seeing or what they hear.

Writing Prompt: The eyes have it…

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