Spare Parts – 55 words

The nurse lifted up the infant as its tiny lungs pushed the air out, releasing the first of a thousand cries it would utter in its captive life.

“This one’s perfect too.” The doctor said. “It’s exactly like the others.”

“How many more?” the nurse said.

“That’s the beauty of cloning…as many as I like.”

3 thoughts on “Spare Parts – 55 words

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  1. Eerie. I like it.

    Is the 55 words constraint a writing exercise? I’ll have to try it some time.

  2. I should also mention that I loved the little foreshadowing you used with “its captive life.” Subtle.

  3. Hi there, thanks for your comments! As for 55 words, it’s a type of micro fiction developed in California called the 55er where you have a story with setting, character, conflict and resolution in the space of 55 words. Have a go, it’s difficult but a good exercise in brevity.

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