Writing Prompt: Raging

I was speaking to someone who had their briefcase stolen whilst sitting in the pub one evening. Although he was philosophical about the incident, I can see that the irritation at having to replace credit cards, house keys, locks and other personal possessions was frustrating to him. For my part, I was infuriated.

Having had my wallet stolen by a group of pickpockets in Barcelona one summer, I was all too aware of the horrible feeling of violation that comes with someone knicking your things. I even managed to get mugged at gunpoint whilst with a group of friends walking back from dinner in San Francisco. It was even in a nice┬áneighbourhood near Fisherman’s Wharf (the Bay Street side, not the Powell Street side). As we ran back to the flat to call the locksmith and Citibank, I had that sickening, punch-in-the-stomach feeling at knowing that the bastard not only got credit cards and my favourite lipstick, but some photos that where sitting within the folds of my wallet. The thought of these things in the hands of a stranger hurt the most.┬áI still feel a rush of rage when I remember it, even thought it was ten years ago.

If I had a chance to confront someone in the process of stealing someones handbag or wallet, I wonder what I’d do? Human beings are imperfect, we do despicable things, but my single, utmost contempt is reserved for pickpockets and thieves.

Sorry for the rant, but sometimes you’ve got to say it. So, have a rant. Describe an incident that had you raging. Describe the setting, situation and the feelings you experienced. How does that affect the way in which you view the world and others around you? Have a rant in 500 words or less.

Writing Prompt: Raging

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