Writing Prompt: Two truths and a lie

I was recently asked to stand up and tell two truths and a lie to a group of people who knew me well. It was interesting to see which people could identify the lie. Not as many as I thought as it turned out. Hmm… It’s funny, sometimes, no matter how well we know someone, there is always something about them that is lurking beneath the surface, waiting to surprise us. Just to illustrate what I’m talking about, I’ll jot down three statements about myself. Friends who read this might struggle to work out what is true and what is a big porky-pie.  As for you writers out there, write down three statements about yourself, two true and one lie. Based on these, create a character for whom these statements are part of their personality or past. This could be viewed as an exercise in memoir writing. Enjoy.

1. I have a tattoo hidden somewhere on my person.

2. I had blue hair for a year.

3. I once walked across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Now, your turn…

Writing Prompt: Two truths and a lie

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