Writing Prompt: Seasons

Each of us has a favourite season. Some people like the warmth of summer. It brings with it holidays, sunshine, outdoor games, BBQs and music festivals. Others prefer the snow and woollen jumpers of winter. Me, I’m a spring person. When the clocks change and I have that extra hour of light, I find myself a little happier. The sunglasses come out, I fold the umbrella and my shoulders are a bit straighter. I smile more. For me, spring means I can shake away the dust and combwebs of winter and go through the botanical gardens on my bike.

What’s your favourite season? Describe the images, activity, sights and emotions you associate with your favourite season.

The tulips in my flowerbed have begun to open. I’m a bit more cheerful every day as the 22nd of March approaches.

Writing Prompt: Seasons

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