After the Storm – 55 words

On the first day, she made meatloaf, his favourite. It went in the bin; she cursed him for not calling. On the second day, she called the police and the coast guard. On the third day, when her body forced her to sleep, their dog stayed by her side.   Day ten, the search called off.

Waiting – A Short Story

The waiter moved his hands across the bar. The place began to fill with young professionals trying to fill their glasses with chardonnay and rich merlot as quickly as possible. He wiped his hands across the front of his apron. There were already pink spots on it where some Pinot Noir had splashed him on... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Tea and Sympathy

I've just returned from a weekend of camping in Perthshire.  The scenery was amazing. Low hanging clouds peppered the sky and as the wind blew them south, offered occasional glimpses of blue. My friend Arlene brought her two dogs and walking them provided me with a rare opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise... Continue Reading →

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