The creative muse is fickle…reluctant writing prompt: What’s in a name?

I’ve been staring at my screen for the past twenty minutes and have decided that if I wait for inspiration, I’ll get callouses on my bum.

So, what’s the solution? Easy. I do what I always tell others to do when this happens. Just write.

The cause of my lack of inspiration is most likely due to the fact that I have a horrid cold, my sinuses are blocked, there’s nothing on TV and I just broke a nail. In short, I’m  in a foul mood.

I’ve been trying to think of something to do to cheer myself up and so far, nothing is coming to mind. There’s the biscuit tin, but guilt will follow. There’s bed, but it’s too early. There’s pay-per-view, but somehow, I don’t think the “Simpson’s Movie” is going to cut it. How about a book? At present, I have the attention span of a teaspoon.

Ok, I thought of something…I was just contemplating the fact that no one ever pronounces my name right the first time. It’s Eliza, so English pronunciation is El-i-za. As in, “Eliza Doolittle”.  However, it’s a Spanish name as it was given to me, so it should be pronounced, El-ee-za. Most people get as close as “Elise” or “Lisa”, but that’s about it. I’ve given up correcting people. I just respond to anything but, “Hey you.”.

I’ve suffered quite a few nicknames as well. In Jr. High School, (That’s 12 to 13 years old to the UK) no one could be bothered to even try it, so my classmates dropped the “E” and the “A” and were left with “Liz”. So, Liz was my name in Jr. High. Oh, no…it didn’t stop there. “liz” quickly became “Lizard”. Sigh…kids can be so cruel.

So, try one of two things:

1. Write about any nicknames you had when you were a kid. Tell us about how you got it.

2. Create a nickname for a fictional character. Draft a story about how they got it. Go crazy. Have fun.

Writing Prompt: What’s in a name?

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