Writing prompt: Permanent Marker

The instructions were simple.  Get up on the table and hold still.

I stretched out on the long, white table while my best friend held my hand.  Having been through the experience before, I thought it best to go with someone in the know.

“Tell me if it hurts.” The fellow said. “Some people experience a bit of discomfort and sometimes feel the need to throw up. Let me know, ok?”

I could tell by his tone that he thought I might fall into this category, but I said nothing. Don’t mess with someone holding a needle.

“Can you please indicate the right spot?” he asked.

I glanced up at Bryan. He smiled a reassuring smile and gave my hand a squeeze. I promised him I’d go through with it. We made a pact. If he did it, I had to as well.

“Bry, you know what I want. Can you show him?”

“Sure.” he said and pointed. “Right about there.” He said.

I felt the cool transparency paper on my skin and then a bit of rubbing. When the paper was lifted, the artist looked up and Bryan. “Is that it?”

“Looks good to me.”

“Ok,” the artist said, “Here goes.”

The needle drove into my skin and although it pinched a bit, it wasn’t as painful as I had expected. However, after a few seconds, something didn’t feel right.

“Ah, can you hold on a sec?” I said and twisted around to look at my back. There was nothing there, the skin was unmarked. However, there was a distinct black line far lower. Dear God, I thought…

“Is that the right place?” The artist asked.

“Well, it’s too late if it isn’t, isn’t it?” I said and looked up at Bryan.

“What?” he asked innocently. “Ahem…It’s about three inches lower than I wanted.”


It was too late, I was scarred for life. There was nothing for it but to let him finish the job.

When the job was done, it looked great, but I knew that forevermore, no one would see my new tattoo unless I really really wanted them to. For future reference, if you’re ever going to get a tattoo, make sure you check the position before the needle strikes and never trust your friends with anything that to do with your body…

Writing Prompt: Permanent Marker

Ever do anything you wish you could do over but there was NO WAY you could ever fix it? Pick an incident and tell us about it. Create a story from the that critical moment you can’t take back.

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