Writing Prompt: Speed Dating

I’ve been thinking about the sort of things we tell people when we first meet them. When we stand there in the pub with someone for the first time, what we say and how we conduct the conversation has such an impact on what happens next. Ever notice when you shuffle your feet around trying to think of what to say, most of us revert back to the old reliable things like, what we do, where we come from or worse, our opinions on the state of politics or the weather.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all behaved a bit more like every new encounter was a 3-minute speed date? How fun would it be to ask people what you really really want to know about them or told them something truly important about yourself in that time instead of canvasing the same old boring shite when you have a conversation with some one new?

If you had just three questions to ask someone and only three things you could tell them about you, what would they be? Draft a conversation between two strangers that follows this line. It can be a new colleague, a date, a new classmate, the girl behind the perfume counter at Harvey Nic’s or a stranger at the bus stop. Just make it something out of the ordinary.

Have fun and be brave.

Writing Prompt: Speed Dating

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