Writing Prompt: A Friend In Deed

I wandered out of the office on Fleet Street, down the narrow streets behind the Reuters building to the basement sports bar where some of my colleagues were having lunch on a warm Friday afternoon. As I looked around the table, I saw a few unfamiliar faces. There were new departments moving around the building all the time, so it was not unusual to have new people join us now and again. We ate, we chatted and when it came time to leave, we paid the bill and headed back up the stairs and to the busy streets above.

I turned to talk to a friend as we walked when suddenly, I was pulled back with a force that jarred my neck. I lifted my eyes in time to see the wide-end of a lorry wing mirror narrowly miss my head. Someone had just saved me from getting hit at high speed by a white lorry. I turned and there was a new guy from the finance department. Alex Sage, that was his name.

After the adrenaline calmed down and my heart slowed to a dull roar, I thanked him. As it turned out, we had some mutual friends, so we started hanging out, that was 7 years ago. Since then, we’ve hung out in London on a Friday night with our ex-colleagues, I’ve shown him around my fair city of Edinburgh during the festival and even been to Austria with a group of friends for the weekend. It’s funny how you meet people that are going to be important to you.

Think about the people that weave in and out of your life. Although you meet hundreds of people over the course of your life, deciding which ones you’re going to let into your own weird little world is important. Who we let in changes who we are, our friendships define us and if we’re lucky, they make us better people in the end. Although I can credit Alex for pulling me out of harm’s way that day, it’s our friendship that I treasure. He, like those few others I can call true friends, are the people I admire and whose good qualities I hope I mirror in some small way despite my numerous imperfections.

Think about someone special in your life. How did you meet and how is your life (and hopefully theirs) better for the meeting?

Writing Prompt: A Friend In Deed

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