Writing Prompt: Unconditional Love

For those of you who have a pet, you might know what I’m talking about, but I just realised that after two years of having her, I’m talking to my cat like she’s a person. I turn the key in the lock, wander in after a day at the office. She comes belting down the stairs and instantly wraps herself around my legs. I’ve almost toppled over from her attention, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Once the shoes come off and I’m sure her food bowl is topped up, I settle in. She follows me from room to room until I choose a spot to sit down and stretch my legs, then she pounces on my lap, nuzzling my hand with the top of her head, eager to be stroked.

I talk, just asking her how her day was, not really expecting more of a response than the soft “purr” she releases as I pet her head. Then it’s my turn. I tell her about my day, I download the events and people and process everything. She listens, turning her head up at me and letting out a soft “meow” if my hand pauses for a moment from its task. I continue and I’m calmer.

Although she can’t respond or solve any of the worries I have jumbled in the messy filing cabinet of my mind, she listens and sometimes, that’s all anyone needs.

Most of us have had pets at one time or another. Describe your pet. What kind were they, when and how did you choose them and how do you feel about looking after an animal? How does what you’ve chosen and how you feel about them relate to you as a person?

Writing Prompt: Unconditional Love

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