Writing Prompt: Dreaming in music

It’s the oddest thing. I wake up hearing music in my head every morning. This has been happening for a couple of weeks. Sometimes it’s “Destiny” by Zero 7, other times it the theme tune for the BA advert. I’m not dreaming scenes or people or events of the day in some twisted montage involving random, twisted, frightening things like circus clowns or hedgehogs having tea in my kitchen, just music.

I’ve decided to start keeping track of the music I hear to see if there’s any correlation between what I hear throughout the day and what I’m dreaming. The most disturbing one so far is “This Never Happened Before” by Paul McCartney. I can’t for the life of me account for that one. Ouch.

It did however get me thinking about music in general. What is it, I wonder, that determines what we listen to? How is musical taste developed?  My Dad was into Bob Dylan, Mom was into Abba. My brother got me into all things involving the Cure, New Order, Siouxie and the Banshees, Duran Duran and The Smiths. By university I was listening to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins and Stone Temple Pilots. These days it’s Cut Chemist, Royksopp, Lyrics Born, Bent, Chemical Brothers and Basement Jaxx. (Having said that Jimi Hendrix has always been there and always will be).

Just for fun, think back to the different incarnations of your music tastes. What sort of memories do they bring up? Think back over your life and your own personal soundtrack. Pick a time in your life and draft a memoir involving music that meant something to you at that moment.

Writing Prompt: Dreaming in music

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  2. I wake up all the time with a random song playing in my brain. Most of it is ’60’s – ’70’s rock. I seldom ever remember dreams, have all kinds of sleeping issues but this is something I absolutely LOVE. It makes me very happy. I just want to know why I do this. This morning it was Beatles Helter Skelter, Beatles seems to be the dominant group. But there are many more, Animals, Byrds, Turtles, Dylan, Petty, Jethro Tull, Bowie, Rolling Stones. Strangely enough my favorite group, Fleetwood Mac, is never playing in my brain. At work I listen randomly to all them and many more, depending on my mood and the task at hand. All of this music was a huge influence to me in my youth and teen years. This has happened for many years but in the past couple of years it has increased in frequency, 2 – 3 times a week on average. I would love to understand why? Anybody out there with any answers?

  3. Interesting, I have these dreams occasionally where every detail of a specific piece of music is exact,
    Rat’s “You’re In Love” is what I usually hear, and I love the guitars and of course the words are all there however if awake I couldn’t tell you half the words, other times it is something that I could swear my mind has composed on it’s own since I don’t recognize it, but it sounds so good and perfect. Either way, I absolutely love how I feel when this happens, and I usually know when I start hearing it in my dreams that I am dreaming. Often it leads into an OBE, or a lucid dream, or is part of the lucid dream. Either way, I wish it would happen more often!

  4. Eliza, I was Googling “dreaming music” and the search engine coughed up your blog (among other things). I sometimes wake up with a familiar tune, but usually I believe, it’s either original or unidentifiable. This also happens when I’m falling asleep.

    Last night and this afternoon’s nap, I began taking notes of the “lyrics” to the songs I hear while forcing myself to stay awake and read. I check what I’m reading to see if there is any duplication, but the words in my head do not appear to bear any relationship to the page(s). I’m conscious of only a few words and melody when I wake up.

    Here are some of the words from my experiment:

    “all through the weather . . .” (female singer)

    “you are coming up to me”

    “the really too useless one” (female singer)

    “appears. I shed . . . “

    “I met more comfort . . . “ (male singer)

    “our clever kings are daft”

    notes from a pipe organ

    multiple flutes playing

    “things happen before tonight”

    “a false journey that will not end”

    “now I exist”

    “I was invention. I swear . . . “

    “I know there was (or could be “is”) a mark this time, but do . . .”

    “I knew a month ago Barry’s reason . . .”

    “yeah, well she’s happy”

    I asked my wife, a psychologist and music minor, about this she looked at me like I was from another planet.

    Can anyone else relate a similar phenomenon?

    1. Yeah, there are quite many of us though it’s not so easy to scoop it out the searching enginee’s :)P Try googling > claitaudience and around it ^ * ~

  5. This morning I dreamed music for the first time, but not some pre existing music but a completely new piece, non vocal with strong R &B and pure blues features. No kidding.

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