Writing Prompt: Fire and Rain

We stood listening to the high-pitched noise of the fire alarm. When it first went off, everyone at the office froze. I could tell we were all thinking the same thing. Is it just the weekly drill or do we have to go through the bother of getting our coats and marching down the stairs to the pavement outside? We looked at each other, waiting to see who’d move first and then finally, as if understanding penetrated all of us at once, we gathered our things.

As I stood out there, I thought it might be an April Fool’s trick gone wrong. It was typical that at the precise moment that the rain fell hardest this morning, the alarm went and we stood there outside Brown’s with only three or four umbrellas among about twenty-five of us.

It got me thinking about some of the juvenile, if not amusing, tricks I’d seen over the years. Today, Lisa, our office manager changed the letters on Paul’s (our PPC manager) keyboard to read “sad” instead of “asd”. I’m wondering how long he’ll type before he spots that one.

In High School, a couple of us stuck “Out of Order” signs on all of the stalls in the girl’s toilets except one, just before the lunch break and over 1,000 students were let out of class. Childish, I know, but basically harmless.

Have you been at the receiving end of a prank? Have you ever orchestrated one? Do tell and don’t spare the embarrassing details!

Enjoy April Fool’s Day.  😉

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  1. Happy April Fools!

    This is possibly my favorite holiday of the year, though I’m afraid I’ve never been as creative as most. One year I wrote ‘secret admirer’ notes and snuck them into the pockets of my high school youth group (a day off, but it’s difficult coordinating Wednesdays to align properly). Another year I went all out: I blew up hundreds of balloons, wrote sarcastic, funny messages on a number of them, filled up a friend’s bedroom and hid inside with a camera. This year was relatively tame. I work at a company with computers everywhere in a wide, open room… and many of the computers have laser-mice instead of the old-fashioned track-balls. So I got some sticky notes, wrote messages like ‘ha ha’ on the bottom, and began attaching them to the unattended mice. One of the senior project leads struggled with hers for twenty minutes or so before she finally turned it over and saw the message, whereupon she began to search for someone who might use my (generic looking) handwriting.

    This, however, is nothing in comparison with one of my longest friends. Mary is six feet tall (she insists that she’ll be 5’13, if it can get her out of saying the words ‘six feet’), slender, with bright red hair that goes down to her waist. People keep trying to play with her hair, so she keeps it up in a huge twisted bun with a single brass chopstick. Mary has been known for doing crazy things– she’s carried a full-sized bookcase home for miles in one of the cities ringing Seattle because it was on sale; she’s built replicas of the globe theater and the taj mahal out of gingerbread for Christmas; she got a bachelor’s degree in advanced computer science from an impossibly hard school because she thought it would be interesting. But her pranks are wonders to behold.

    There was a time that one of Mary’s friends was going to be gone for six months on a mission trip to Africa. Mary decided that the only way to greet her friend properly would be to start collecting packing peanuts– bags upon bags upon bags of packing peanuts. She got them from hospitals and companies around her city… anywhere, in fact, except for proper packing places, because they were the only ones who would charge for them. She rode the bus systems with giant see-through plastic bags filled with them, happily flitting about, and by the end of the six months had gathered so many that she literally filled her friend’s room three foot deep with the stuff. And then she hid inside with a camera to capture the reaction. This of course was where I thought of using balloons to do a similar thing. From there Mary’s pranks continued. She once took several pounds of saltwater taffy, rolls of masking tape, and literally covered another girl’s ceiling with the bright, multi-colored candy. Reportedly, her victim that time didn’t realize what had happened until she went to bed and finally took a good look straight up. I heard that in retaliation, she took all of Mary’s shoes and taped -them- to the ceiling, just so that Mary could find nothing to wear the next day.

    I just found your blog, Eliza, and thought I should comment. Thanks for sharing, and I’ll be happy to follow along!


  2. Hey, nice one! I particularly liked the mouse prank and the shoe prank. However, if anyone ever tried that with me, they’d soon run out of ceiling. 😉

    Take care and thanks for stopping by. Cheers, Eliza

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