Writing Prompt: Getting Personal

I was flipping through the evening news yesterday on the train when something caught my attention. It was a personals ad, one of the more unusual I’ve ever seen.

Pick a Card
“Cross dressing Male, 38 seeks females for coffee, chat and Tarot”

It got me thinking a bit. A lot, actually…It made me wonder about the people who write these ads, the people who respond, who they are and what sort of lives they lead. It made me think about how much guts it takes to put yourself out there in a world full of nefarious characters. It made me wonder what would happen if someone answered this ad and what would happen when the two people met?

Try a couple of things:

1. Write your own ad, make it as weird and random and you’d like.  Limit the headline to 25 characters and your ad to 100. Paint the situation which prompted the individual to post it.

2. Create a situation whereby someone responds

3. Draft the scene in which they meet and see what happens. Are they pleased, disappointed, no-show, etc.

Writing Prompt: Getting personal

One thought on “Writing Prompt: Getting Personal

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  1. Closed lives, I would imagine. Perhaps even fearful but hopeful. Each one different I would imagine.

    That said, the example above sounds a bit like someone taking the piss.

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