Spreading the word

I gave the book one last flick. Drew out my pen and began to write.

“Dear reader, you’ve just wandered into an experiment. The book in your hands had been left intentionally in the hope that someone like yourself will be curious enough to open it. I’m hoping you’ll read and enjoy this book and leave it for someone else. If so, please visit www.spreadingtheword.wordpress.com and let us know what you thought, and more importantly, where you’ve left the book for others.

The purpose of the experiment is twofold. 1. To spread good books around. 2. To see how long the trail will go and where the book will travel next.

If you’re not inclined to read this book, please leave it for someone else.

Thanks, and happy reading.”

I wrapped the book in clear plastic against the elements and wandered into Princes Street gardens. Near the top of the path facing the castle there is a row of benches. I looked around and sensing no one near me, deposited the book on a bench.

If you head over to www.spreadingtheword.wordpress.com you can see which books have gone, where they’ve been left and which are next. I’ll be hoping that this works and curious to see what happens next. I’d encourage others to try the same and drop me a line. Let me know the book and where is was left and I’ll add a page to the site in order to track progress. Good luck.

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