Writing Prompt: Putting words in the blender

When I sat at my computer, the blank screen in Word taunted me. I rested my hands on the keyboard, fingers at the ready, twitching to be set loose on the keys. I waited. Nothing happened.

I began to think of things troubling me, of relationships I’m worried about, about the future. Too much, I thought, it’s all a wee bit too much for a Sunday evening.

I closed my eyes and began to type. I hit delete more than once. I tried again. Thank God for the ability to create drafts before it all goes out into the world.

Ok, I though, someone save me. At that precise moment, my eyes wandered around the desk and rested on “Chambers Handy Dictionary”. That’s it! I thought. I opened the book and chose a random word, then a few more in arbitrary pages. Here is my list.

furtive, quibble, stringent, constrict, masquerade

I’ve decided to start a piece based on these words. Pick up a dictionary, select five words at random and make them work together to create a theme. From there, who knows where the idea may travel.

Example: She looked up and gave him a furtive look. From where he sat, he seemed serene, but she, having known him for so many years recognised the masquerade. He was angry. Although she had no desire to quibble with him, she wanted to make peace. To accuse him of hiding his emotions would no doubt bring them out, but to wait until he was calm again was the wiser, if not immediately gratifying choice. No, she would have to wait, let him count to ten, then approach in a day or so.

She wanted to march up to him and shake him out of his mask of calm, to accuse him, to provoke a reaction, but she would be stringent with herself for her and his own good. Nothing good would come of dragging out their dispute for all to see. She rehersed the scene in her head for half an hour, shouting in her head what she most wanted to say to him, until she was worked up. She was stifled, and the repression of her feelings towards him at that moment served only to constrict her breathing. No, this would not do, she thought. I have to have my say.

She stood and wandered towards his desk, ready for a fight. Upon reaching it, he looked up and offered her a neutral, though slightly questioning look. “Yeah?” he said. There was no aggression there.

“Uh,” she started, but faltered. “I’m making some coffees for everyone. You want one?” She said.

“Nope. Thanks, though.” He said.

“Ok, just checking.” She said and made her way towards the kitchen. Whew, she thought, that was a close one. As she reached the kitchen, she thanked God for decaf and self control. Maybe I’m the one who needs time, she sighed…

Writing Prompt: Putting Words in the Blender

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