Writing Prompt: Letting the chips fall

Two friends are fighting and there’s nothing I can do about it. I have an opinion, sure, but I can’t interfere and the discord is killing me. Although this is something I know they have to sort out between themselves, knowing that there is nothing I can do hurts. In the meantime, I sit back and wait. I’ve considered all of the angles, who’s right, who’s wrong, what I would say to try to patch things up… The truth is, I have to accept that there are some times when I need to stay neutral. Between you and me, I hate neutral. Sometimes if I’m in limbo about anything, I push chess pieces around just to force a resolution. I tend to say the hard thing and let the chips fall where they may.  Sitting still and keeping my mouth shut is something that has never come easy to me. I’ve always felt that sometimes you just need to talk things out, no matter how difficult. Some people don’t react well to that.

I guess the truth is, the single most painful, torturous thing in the world to me, the thing that will send me into an complete and total emotional tailspin, is the idea that there is something negative between me and the people I care about.

 So, have you ever been in a situation where you had to choose between neutrality and a potential fight with your friends? Which did you choose? If you had it to over, would you choose differently?

Draft the scenario. The impact on friendship one way or the other. How did you feel? What was the impact on the relationship?

Writing Prompt: Letting the chips fall

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  1. I appreciate your thoughts. My default tendency is to often hold back, to not engage in conflict situations. I have held this standard for myself that I have to be able to intervene masterfully if I am to intervene at all.

    Yet, I am recognizing now that some intervention, even if is not perfect, is often better than none at all. If I say quietly on the sidelines in the situations you write about, there is no possibility for having a positive influence.

    Yet, if I choose to engage I can find my way as I go along and pay attention to what is working about what I am doing and what is not. I find that when I have actually had the courage to step forth and put myself in a challenging situation, I can see a great deal more about what is actually going on there.

    One of the values of jumping in and “letting the chips fall where they may” is that I can see what those chips are. can get much closer to the actual details of that situation. I can better understand what is going on there.

    In fully participating I have access to further information that I do not have if I am sitting on the sidelines. With this information I can discern whether to participate further and how to participate. I can also see if I need to step back again.

    Also, when I am willing to step into the arena of that conflict, I can better discern possible questions to ask that might open the possibility for clarity and resolution.

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