Writing Prompt: The Mantle piece

As I draw my gaze across the top of the mantle piece, there are items there that say something about me and my home. At the far left, there is a small wooden box. In it, I keep my passport, an expired gym card and a floppy disk whose contents are a long forgotten. Behind it, there is a miniature frame with a drawing of cats having a tea party in a garden. The picture was a gift from my mother in law, purchased when we wandered into an auction in Kent on a warm Spring day, many years ago. There is a bottle of vanilla perfume from The Body Shop. It came as part of a buy-two-get-one-free deal, proof that I’m a sucker for marketing ploys. Candleholders housing scented candles of orange blossom, jasmine and lavender, fragrances that calm me.

Look at your mantle or pick a shelf in your house. What’s on it? What do the items there say about you? Does anything trigger a memory?

What’s on your mantle piece?

Writing Prompt: The Mantle-piece


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