Writing Prompt: Quiet Desperation

There is a challenge for writers that sooner or later we all have to face. How much of yourself do you reveal in your work? How much is truth and to what degree do you edit, amend and omit to protect the individuals that have been active participants in your inspiration? Since many of us write from life, there is always an underlying fear that someone you don’t want to read your work will and that some form of damage will be done. Do you then dilute the facts so that they are unrecognisable or do you press forward regardless?

As I write lately, there is so much left unsaid, stories repressed for fear of insulting someone or revealing too much about myself or others, even though the telling of the story is important. It is fear and frustration I feel most when these moments occur.  It is as though there is a great weight pressing against me, pinning me to the floor and that only by screaming out truths, sometimes unpleasant truths that the pain will be lifted.

There is another, similar issue that creeps up as well. When you write purely from your imagination, is there fear that people will think it is true of you personally? This question has come up on more than one occasion in creative writing classes the world over.

So, what is the answer? I feel that you have to brave when you’re writing. You have to lift the veil and tell a story that relieves the weight. Otherwise, what is writing for if not for your views and feelings, your thoughts and emotions to find expression and connect with others? This is no easy task, believe me. I have been a coward and I need to find the courage to write as my heart and my conscience dictate. Wish me luck.

Write something true, something honest. There is something scary about seeing something stark and revealing committed to paper. Have a go. How does it make you feel?

Writing Prompt: Quiet Desperation

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  1. I have just been exploring this topic of authenticity in my blog. In yesterday’s post (http://quotesqueen.wordpress.com/2008/05/26/the-soul-at-work/), I wrote about David Whyte’s fabulous book, The Heart Aroused. He says, “Take any step toward our destiny through creative action (it may be as simple as lifting a pen over a blank sheet of paper) and we know intuitively that we are giving up whatever cover we had.” And of course, there’s always the advice from Hemingway, “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

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