Writing Prompt: It’s Not What You Think

I’m sitting in a bar on the Grassmarket nursing a pint of Peroni. My eyes, swollen with tears attract attention from anyone who either approaches in an attempt to share my table on this busy Friday night or who see me as a potential conversationalist. Neither stop, put off by the red in my eyes and the furrow in my forehead.

I imagine what they must be thinking and snigger. The truth is, despite the dramatic and uncontrollable animation of my eyes there’s nothing wrong at all. Well, there is a bit, but its more aesthetic than emotional. I’m waiting on my own for a while until the appointed hour when I’ll meet a friend for dinner. I left early so I’m having a post-work drink on my own while I wait. That explains the solitude.

As to the tears, also not what you think. To the casual observer, I’m a girl on her own in a bar, have a tear-streaked face, a half-consumed pint and am writing in a journal. (they don’t know this is going to make it online when the opportunity permits) Here’s the truth, I’m careless. I fell asleep with my contact lenses in and upon waking up gave my eyes a rub. The lens scratched my cornea, only slightly but this means glasses and no contact lenses for a week, eye drops every day,  new glasses on order (the ones currently on my face are not only terribly out of date, they are no longer fashionable), and most importantly an endless supply of tears until my eye decides to heal itself.

It just got me thinking about all the stories people have. Behind every scene, every action, every snapshot of life is a story and its almost never quite what you think.

Oh, just had a deja vu, have I written this before?

So, here’s the prompt. Look around until you see something that interests you. Put a frame around the scene with your hands and construct a back story for what you see. If you’re feeling brave ask your random, striking story victim about themselves. Were you close? Bet not…

Write a background for what you see and tell us about it in 1,000 words or less or try writing a story around this theme.

Writing Prompt: It’s Not What You Think

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