Writing Prompt: The Joys of Travel

The travel Gods, it would seem, are against me. For the second time this week, I’ve run into trouble whilst attempting to journey between London and Edinburgh. I arrived early, already checked in with my boarding card in hand. For the first time in months of frequent travel, neither the heels of my shoes, the under-wire of my brassiere, nor an innocuous if slightly bling belt buckle have triggered the metal detector. This, usually having the effect of a keen, if unnecessarily intimate security guard in cropped hair and shoes of conspicuous comfort handling me in the most vigorous manner.

Today, metal-free and carrying only my laptop, I scooted through security without incident only to find my flight delayed by 2 hours at the other end. I dropped my shoulders, bought a new journal, two books, a pint of lemonade (with ice) and a plate of pasta to see me through to dinner in London. (the pasta quite creamy but the garlic bread better suited to driving nails than to human consumption).

The retail therapy is my only defence from creating a scene of air-rage. Two days ago, I missed a flight altogether merely by being misheard by a taxi driver.

“Paddington Station.” I said.

We ended up in Farringdon, which for those of you who don’t know London, is at the other end of the city. The consequence of this mis-communication whether by my inability to enunciate or through his inability to interpret my North American accent, was a missed train to the airport, a missed flight, new ticket to be purchased at an inflated price, a hotel bill and general annoyance.

So, are the Travel Gods out to get me or am I just unlucky?

Although this is a bit of an irritation, it is by no means a catastrophe. Everyone has had a bad journey. Whether its lost luggage, missed flights, being stranded in a foreign country, sea sickness on a ferry crossing, etc. Tell us about your worst travel nightmare.  Where were you going? What happened and how did it affect your plans?

Note: Can you believe it used to be nothing but walking or horse back as an option?

When you consider all of the travel options available for getting from point A to point B, its a miracle this isn’t more common…

flight, hotair balloon, cars (yes, that means taxis too), Horseback, Boats (row to speed), walking, trains, bikes, etc…

Writing Prompt: The Joys of Travel

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