Writing Prompt: The Ties That Bind

Each of us is a son or daughter. Most of us are husbands or wives, aunts, uncles, friends, sisters, brothers, colleagues, cousins or neighbours.  Much of who we are and how we interact is defined by these relationships. Do you think that these ties enhance or hinder our existence as human beings? Although we’d like to think that these connections in life are a good thing, when are they not? What happens when we act differently in these relationships than society expects? Although human beings are social creatures, each of us has the capacity for cruelty, selfishness, deceit, betrayal, isolationism and violence.

What happens when a person is tied to another out of some social obligation where no real affinity exists? What would a person do to break free? What about a situation where you harbour thoughts about someone violent or otherwise you shouldn’t? How would society judge you were you to act? What would be the consequences?

Reach into the dark part of society and the misty bits of human nature. They say “you always hurt the ones you love”, but what if someone does it on purpose?

Writing Prompt: The Ties That Bind

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