Writing Prompt: 10 minute stroll

As I wandered along Princes Street on my way to the station I realised there was so much to see in every direction if I just walked with my head up. Passing the gallery a group of Capoeristas danced and played their instruments to a crowd that gathered around them. On the path above Princes Street Gardens, couples sat on benches looking out over the Castle. The clouds were low, but the rain had stopped and it was warm.  I slowed down my pace and strolled with my hands in my pockets and my headphones in, Ray Charles singing “Georgia On My Mind”.  Just before I reached the end of the lane, I glanced down and saw a carpet of roses in every colour. Changing my course away from the station and dipping down the path into the gardens, I leaned against a rail and looked out over the city loving the mixed texture of stone walls and rose petals. If you get a chance, take a walk along the garden and look around. Even better, take a random stroll for ten minutes and jot down what you see. There are some lovely images all around if you slow down to take a look.  This is just an after-thought, but I realised something else. Yellow roses are my favourites.

Writing Prompt: 10 Minute Stroll

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