Writing Prompt: Dreaming in Colour

I took a detour through the gardens on my way home again today. I stole another rose and pressed it into my notebook. This one was different shades of deep pink, blended together like candy floss. As I pulled up to the house, my cat, short haired and jet black sat on the step waiting for me.

We wandered up the stairs together where she sat on my duvet with its lavender cover and I changed out of my red dress and into my blue pajamas with the white stripes. Once downstairs, we made our way into the kitchen where I poured a glass of wine, deep burgundy.

I made a pot of chili and curled up on the chocolate brown sofa in the living room. Titch, my cat, followed me in and fell asleep on the cushion with embroidered gold flowers beside me. I nodded off for a minute and when I woke up, in that moment between being asleep and completely awake, I thought about all of the colours I’d seen today.

It’s funny how much we take colour for granted. Light and shadow changes colour, as does texture. The sky was a hundred shades of grey today, I noticed a friend’s eyes are green with flecks of brown in them and when you look through the stained glass window in my office, the world changes all its shades depending on where you stand. Open your eyes, look around, and describe the colours that strike you.

Writing Prompt: Dreaming in Colour

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