Writing Prompt: What’s your flavour?

I cast my eyes along the rows of colour. Deep, dark, seductive chocolate with fudge chunks peeking out at me, smooth, unassuming vanilla whispers, “come to me”. I run my fingers along the glass, “iny, miney, miney, moe”…

I pause at the raspberry sorbet, deep crimson like wine and sweet as a summer’s day. Then I remember my first taste of Cherry Garcia Ben & Jerry’s, a reminder of my home state. Cherries, chocolate, gooey greatness. I reflect on my first job at a deli over the baseball season, next to the local stadium and think happy thoughts of the bottomless tubs of mint-chocolate-chip and rocky road, thick with marshmallows and layered in fudge sauce.

There’s a place in my heart for cherry vanilla and cappuccino with cream; the flavours on the menu at the restaurant I worked at when I was sweet sixteen. I fast forward to a goblet of lemon sorbet, seemingly inoccuous with its little mint leaf of top, but tangy and electrifying when it touches my lips. The shock of its cold sweetness sends my heart racing and although my cheeks go numb within two bites, I can’t stop myself from wanting more and feeling the sugar dissolve in my mouth.

I decide. My favourite flavour in the world sits in a half-empy tub at the back row. I gesture with a tilt of my head and a smile on my face and a dripping, melting cone is handed to me. I lick the sides and nibble at a piece of frozen strawberry. Within a minute, its gone. There’s a spring in my step as I walk through the park, sugar-rushed and happy that I’ll be passing that way again tomorrow.

Writing Prompt: What’s your flavour?

Just a thought, what does your favourite ice cream flavour say about you?

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