Writing Prompt: What is whispered

I’ve been thinking of the nature of gossip, of people’s desire to know and share the business of others. It saddens me to think that the imagination is not used in the imagining of people’s virtues, but in their faults and that entertainment of the cheapest kind is the most common. Look at reality TV, celebrity columns, chats by the office water cooler. When do we hear about the good deeds or favourable opinions of others? Is this the sum of our generosity?  What is it about human beings that we must spring to the worst conclusion?

Think about the damage we can do with a few words. Have you ever spread a rumour, started one, taken pleasure in hearing about the misdeeds and misfortunes of others? I’ll bet that if we’re honest, we’ll find that each of us has at one time or another been uncharitable in this department.

Write a story about gossip, either from the point of view of the victim, the teller or the person hearing it. What are the repercussions?

Writing Prompt: What is whispered

A cruel story runs on wheels, and every hand oils the wheels as they run.  ~Ouida

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