Writing Prompt: Getting there first

My friend Andrew’s Birthday is Tuesday and he is, in a word, amazing. I don’t know how many of our mutual friends and colleagues know this, but he designed a tracking and analytics system in his early 20’s, is MD of a successful company, and is a gifted musician. In the interest of keeping him from killing me, I won’t reveal his age. That is also in aid of making sure he never reveals mine. 😉

In addition to his accomplishments, he is a generous, kind and loyal friend. He can keep secrets, passes no judgements and even when he’s so tired he looks like he’s going to take a nose-dive into his coffee, I’ve never seem him take it out on anyone. That, my friends, is what we call character.

So, why am I rabbiting on about him, well, it’s his birthday and an ideal excuse to tell people what a great person is hovering around and how lucky we are that he’s spent another year among us. So, if you read this mate, Happy Birthday. I just wanted to get to say it first.

So, if there’s someone who’s praises you want to sing, strike a note and serenade as your heart dictates.

Writing Prompt: Getting there first…

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