Writing Prompt: A Room With A View

If I turn my head right, I can see the rooftops of the New Town in Edinburgh with a thin veil of mist covering the grey tiled buildings. The horizon is indistinguishable. Cloud and water from the Forth are blended so that there is only a thick wall of grey/white above the trees of the gardens of Stockbridge and Cannonmills. I’m on the top floor and that is the view from the right.

To my left, there is a cluster of desks, computers, empty coffee mugs, people scurrying around at their lunch hours. I smell tomato soup and baked potatoes from the kitchen behind me. Past the clutter and stress there’s a window with a view of George Street cafes. It’s festival time and the streets are alive. People from all walks of life and a hundred nationalities have descended upon the city.

Look out your window. Describe what you see.

Writing Prompt: A Room with a View

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