Writing Prompt: What would you do?

As we reflect on our lives, we can take two views, the things we have done and the things we would wish to do. Sometimes, when the world is going a hundred miles an hour and I’m consumed by the stresses of the day’s events, I forget that there is still much to do. It’s so easy for each day to run into the next without my notice and I have slow down and think about my private ambitions.

When I’ve had a series of bad days, when I’m tired, I feel weak or sorry for myself, I remember that I’ve done a few things of which I can be proud.

Try making a list of 10 experiences that have affected who you are, things that have shaped your perceptions or how you relate to the world. This is easier said than done, since it requires reflection and honesty.

Next, list 10 things that you would like to do in your life. They can be wishes or goals, anything that you can think back on and say with confidence, “I’m glad I did that”.

Here are a couple of mine:

What I’ve done:

  • Hiked up to Mt. Everest base camp
  • Flown a plane over a glacier
  • Stood up to someone in a fight

What I’d like to do:

  • Write a book
  • Disappear completely and travel for 1 year
  • Learn German

The key thing to remember is that you don’t have to show anyone, just write it down and be honest.

Writing Prompt: What would you do?

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