Writing Prompt: The silk scarf

I have a black silk scarf with burgundy roses on it that always comes back to me, no matter how many times I’ve lost it. The first time it went missing, I had been out with some friends in Leith and having had a late night, took a taxi back to my flat in Stockbridge at 1am. Although I remembered with perfect clarity the act of twisting the edges of it around my finger in the cab, the next morning, it was nowhere to be found. After a long search through my belongings, my coat, under the bed, my pockets, in the living room, I decided to give it up for lost. A few days later, as I wandered home from the shops, I saw a twisted lump of black and red material around the branches of a bush outside my flat. I can only assume that having got out of the taxi that previous night, it slipped from my neck and the wind carried it to its new resting place. Grateful, I retrieved it, sent it to the dry cleaners and put it safely back in its drawer.

Several months later, whilst at a wine bar, yet again it disappeared. The next morning, all being a bit fuzzy thanks to Pinot Noir, a friend told me over the phone that the darn thing appeared in their pocket…we assumed that yet again, I had been careless and that my companion was good enough to rescue it for me.

I pulled it from its place in my wardrobe this morning and decided that the time has come for the scarf to make another outing. I hope that this time, it will travel home with me when the night is through…

Try writing a short piece about an article of clothing that is lost, found, and has meaning to the people who encounter it. Maybe someone finds a sweater or a scarf on a park bench. Maybe you can tell the story from the point of view from both the person who finds it and the person who lost it. Be descriptive about the item and creative in how the two people react to the loss and the gain.

Writing Prompt: The Silk Scarf

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