Writing Prompt: Location, location, location

You can write anywhere. All you need is a pen and a notebook. I’ve spoken to writers before about experiencing different places. I don’t mean you have to fly to Paris for inspiration (though I don’t suppose it would hurt) but sometimes by taking a stroll away from the usual, you get to see all sorts of people. One of the things I like to do now and again is to take my tools and mill around the city until I find a perch where I can see life wandering past. I’ve written in pubs with a pint on the table, in cafes, on a bridge, on the roof of a building, ice skating rink, on top of a hill, under a tree in the Botanical Gardens, and even sat on an abandoned merry-go-round in a park.

Changing the scenery does a few things, it lets you see the world from different angles, allows you to observe life and takes you out of the comfort of routine, making what you write a bit more spontaneous.

Try it. Leave the laptop at home, grab a pen and a notebook, go somewhere you’ve never been before and write down what you see. Describe the place, the people there (if any), the smells, the furniture if you’re indoors, the landscape if you’re outdoors, use colour and texture.

Writing Prompt: Location, location, location

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